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What constitutes a beautiful woman? Is it someone adorned with makeup and jewelry? No matter how much you dress up the surface, Without the radiance that overflows from within, you cannot be said to be beautiful. The beauty of appearance is constructed from daily habits such as meals. It's important to prepare the body's environment, which becomes the precursor, in order to effectively incorporate food according to that purpose. This in turn makes all cells, such as internal organs and skin, beautiful, and enhances their radiance. A beauty that's almost fragrant, is also created from psychology, which is controlled by the brain. The health of the mind and body changes the aura that a person exudes. I continue to pursue "beauty" from various angles, through facets like color, neuroscience, and food.



[Training Beauty Retsuden] (2) Cleopatra Beauty comes from health, voice and posture. We will tell you why and introduce simple and effective exercises to improve your posture.

[Training Beauty Retsuden] (1) Nefertiti The keys to beauty are estrogen and collagen. It also introduces effective anti-aging exercises.

[Training Beauty Retsuden] (3) Yang Guifei We will talk about the secret of the beauty of "Yang Guifei", a synonym for beautiful women loved in China, who continued to maintain her beauty by suppressing active oxygen with an all-star of fruits and herbal medicines.

[Moshimo Busho Retsuden] ④ Kukai Geniuses have healthy brains and cells? What is the secret to healthy longevity without shortening telomeres? The genius who brought the virus buster to our country!



I was in charge of the planning, scenario production, and moderation of these video programs.



Research achievements


Based on research at the Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University, various papers have been presented at the Society of Kansei Engineering.


March 2019 14th Spring Conference

"On fluctuation characteristics obtained from mandala patterns and color mosaics"

(poster session)




2017 Volume 16 Issue 5 Pages 439-444

“A comparative study on the sensibility of Japanese and foreigners to the colors of cherry blossoms and fireflies”


>Journal of Kansei Engineering

>See the paper (Japanese version)


 Joint research with Ibaraki University Paper presentation at Kansei Engineering Society

<< September 2008: Japanese colors, Western colors, primary colors and human sensibility / March 2009: Mandala color science and fluctuations / September 2009: Japanese colors, Western colors, primary colors and human sensibilities , Injection of primary colors into traditional lacquerware



《Research awards, etc.》

 December 2013

Ibaraki University Student International Conference (ISCIU)

Winner of the 9th Best Poster Award


March 2014

Ibaraki University Graduate School President Award

Ibaraki University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Dean Award


December 2016

Ibaraki University Student International Conference (ISCIU)

Winner of the 11th Best Poster Award


March 2017

Received Ibaraki University President's Award

Ibaraki University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Dean Award


  Color Strategy Office Head

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We hold various seminars on color psychology and food.



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The Relationship Between Iron, Red, and Earth


The birth of the Earth happened when nuclear fusion occurred inside stars, forming clumps of iron. When these clumps of iron collapsed, 92 types of chemical elements were created. From these, we know that even complex beings like us humans have evolved.


The relationship between this "iron" and the color red is very close.


As humans, we seek healing and go to "power spots." These "power spots" exist in many places, including Japan, but if we are to talk about recent popular spots, it would be "Sedona" in the United States.


"Sedona," located in the remote part of Arizona, is a place where red rock mountains spread across, often referred to as Red Rock Country. It has long been revered as a "sacred place" by the indigenous people. You may ask, "Why are these mountains red?" It is believed to be due to the oxidation of iron, turning it red.


Keeping this color "red" in mind, if you seek out power spots, you would find Australia's "Ayers Rock" which is also red due to the oxidation of iron.


Recent research has revealed that the temples in Machu Picchu, South America were painted red. In Hawaii, Kilauea Volcano, where the volcano goddess Pele resides, is filled with the energetic red glow of magma.


Our Earth, which contains iron, turns red as the iron on its surface is exposed and oxidized. We gather in these red lands, which contain iron, seeking energy purification.


Speaking of which, even the torii gates of Shinto shrines in Japan are red. Red is the key to the birth of the Earth and the origin of life.


Perhaps we visit these power spots to trace back the ancient memories of our Mother Earth.

The Relationship Between Voice, Communication, and the Color Orange


Have we been using words and communicating right from the beginning?


There are various theories about the origin of language. For example, Rousseau proposed the theory that music came about through language. Darwin suggested the "courtship origin theory" which holds that music developed as animals attempted to court each other. Tyler's "magic origin theory" argues that language originated from prayers or religious rituals.


However, recent anthropological studies present a different hypothesis. Instead of language developing from roars and growls, the theory suggests that in the beginning, our primitive roars were enriched by intelligence and emotion, evolving into something akin to songs.


From songs to words, the act of whispering might have been how humans strengthened their ties with each other, leading to our evolution.


In terms of voice communication, a lower voice usually denotes hostility, while a higher voice indicates cooperation. The way we use different pitches helps us to maintain our sociality and communicate our emotions via these frequencies.


The color orange is significant here. It not only enhances our sense of cooperation, but is also the color of carotenoids. When these carotenoids enter our bodies, they turn into provitamin A, which is effective in preventing cancer in areas such as the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx.


The relationship between voice, communication, and the color orange may hold a profound power that reaches down to the cellular level.

The Strategy of Diamonds, Yellow, and Madame de Pompadour


Madame de Pompadour, a bourgeoisie woman who held the favor of King Louis XV for over twenty years in the 18th century, greatly contributed to the development of French culture. Her charm, education, and intellect allowed her to converse with writers and philosophers on an equal footing.


Not only known for her beauty and vivacious personality, she was also a master communicator who knew how to entertain those around her. But her influence went even deeper, reaching into the spheres of culture, crafts, and arts, and even gems. Named after the marquisate title King Louis XV bestowed upon Madame de Pompadour, the boat-shaped diamond cut that emerged in Paris at that time was dubbed the 'Marquise'.

The Relationship Between Iron, Green, and Earth


Why do we long for green, forests, trees, plants? The reason isn't simply because they are healing - there is a deeper intrinsic connection.


Iron creates red blood and even blue hues through iron mediation. The color green, in fact, performs the same function as the 'red blood' created by iron.


Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants, responsible for photosynthesis, and referred to as 'plant blood.' It is integral to the plant's cell repair and 'immune function.'


Surprisingly, chlorophyll exhibits the same 'cell repair,' 'hematopoietic function,' and 'detoxification effect' in the 'human body.'


During evolution, as life ascended onto land, it had to hunt for food. Therefore, it needed to move around. By changing the magnesium in chlorophyll to iron, life forms were able to supply oxygen to every corner of their bodies, enabling activity on land. (This is because iron and oxygen combine to circulate the bloodstream in the body's system.)


Our 'red blood' is created from chlorophyll.


When we eat vegetables, it doesn't just provide vitamins and minerals, it also causes changes at the cellular level and, of course, psychologically.


Why? Because our cells are made of blood.


Our insatiable desire for green might be because it's essential to our bodies and because it reminds us of our roots from ancient times.


Just like the cycle of the cosmos.

Did you know that Earth is called an 'iron star'? Without iron, our Earth would not have assumed its current form.


Iron exists in various animals and plants. The fusion of the Earth's core with iron has given birth to many elements that form the foundation of life.


Recently, the Suntory development team developed the world's first rose with 100% blue pigment. By using genetic recombination technology to introduce this blue gene into roses, we succeeded in accumulating almost 100% blue pigment in the petals, thus creating a 'blue rose'.


However, the Agricultural Bio Center of the Toyama Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries General Technology Center did not create blue with this genetic recombination, but deciphered the molecular mechanism that turns cells blue.


Until now, genetic recombination technology of blue pigment was used to create blue pigment, but it was found that the gene carrying iron turns blue when it binds with purple pigment by the molecular mechanism.


Iron - its fusion leads to the color blue.


The substance that could be called the foundation of Earth is involved to this extent.


There are various theories as to why Earth looks blue from space, such as 'only blue light reaches the bottom of the sea', but the real reason might be that it 'looks blue because it contains iron'.


We use the phrase 'envisioning the blueprint of life.' In it, iron is deeply involved from the beginning of life. The indispensable iron for human civilization allows the organisms on Earth to evolve and continue to live.


It is full of the power of a mysterious color.

The Relationship Between Sakura, Purple, and Japan


The sight of cherry blossoms blooming enchantingly on hazy moonlit nights in spring is a scene that captures the heart of every Japanese person.


Linked to the image of a spring hazy moonlit night is The Tale of Genji, written by Murasaki Shikibu, the world's oldest novel, written around 1000 AD during the mid-Heian period. The story is about a prince (Hikaru Genji), who despite being an imperial child was demoted to the status of a subject, losing his right to the throne. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the glittering era of the court aristocracy at the time.


In The Tale of Genji, Genji meets the princess on a hazy moonlit night during the cherry blossom season at the palace, and they fall in love. It is inevitable that love blossoms under the cherry blossoms and the faint moonlight. This cherry blossom color is essential for us women, nurturing maternity, cherishing those around us, and inviting love.


Murasaki Shikibu, a woman who converted everything she perceived through her senses into thought, transcribed it into text, and conveyed overflowing images to her readers, is the oldest female writer.


Purple promotes the secretion of noradrenaline, excites the nerves, and brings about anxiety and fear. Therefore, when people see this color, they subconsciously distance themselves from it.


It is not certain whether Murasaki Shikibu knew this psychological aspect, but it is certain that she captivated the hearts of the people with her excessive intelligence and dignity.


The colors that speak of Japanese harmony are quietly eloquent through all four seasons, both past and present.

My surname is 'Shirato' Given that it includes a character related to color, I feel it was inevitable that I would end up in my current profession.


I learned that the origin of the character for 'white' dates back to ancient China, and it is said to have come from the color of the human skull. Indeed, the color 'white' is used in religious ceremonies. It is a color that symbolizes the sanctity of deities.


It is indeed the color of the beginning, when the gods of heaven created humans, and it is also the color of the end, when human life comes to a close and returns to the corpse.


White is a color that encompasses everything from the beginning to the end.


There are many murals and paintings in various countries around the world where gods are depicted wearing white. I think there is a history of us having a shared consciousness somewhere and using 'white' discriminatively.


Sunlight also appears as white light when visible light rays are condensed. Thanks to this sunlight, we, along with other organisms, are able to maintain healthy bodies.


The color white might be closely integrating the beginning and the end of life.